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  • Hot Doggin’ It

    Chef Rabar is in the kitchen again — this time cookin’ up some great snacking / tailgating / party food. Yes, it’s Cheese-Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped, Beer-Battered Hot Dogs. Have one or several with a beer and an angioplasty on the side! This is good stuff – from the “Quick Bites” edition of  “Nick rabar: Chef 2 Go” (show #5)…

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  • Some wine with your Chef 2 Go?

    “Nick rabar: Chef 2 Go” visited Greenvale Vineyards recently. It is a family run vineyard in Portsmouth, RI. Nancy and her daughter Nancy (not a typo) were so gracious to us. If you’re looking to buy some wine for your spring / summer cookouts, please consider Greenvale. Clip from “Nick rabar: Chef 2 Go” show #6 – “Off the Beaten Path”

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  • Sushi by the master

    I never had tried sushi previous to going to Cranston’s Ichiban to tape4 a segment for Cox’s “Nick Rabar: Chef 2 Go.” Just seeing the expertise and fresh ingredients owner Jim Kim was using spurred me on to try some of the wonderful sampling Jim and his wife Carol – 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet – put out for us after the shoot. It was amazingly delicious and I will be back there for more soon […]

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