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  • Promo for season 2 of Nick Rabar: Chef 2 Go

    We are really excited about a great season 2 for “Nick Rabar: Chef 2 Go” coming very soon. One of the places we visited for season 2 was Blackbird Farms. They are a great bunch there and serve up some prime grade A angus. Our visit “inspired” this coming soon promo. Mama always said, “watch where you walk!”

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  • Avenue N is Finally Breaking Ground!

    Hi guys! So good news about Avenue N, we are finally under way once and for all! Here’s is a link to an exclusive story that leaks some of our new menu items for the very first time. Happy New Year and thanks for the support! http://eastprovidence.patch.com/articles/avenue-n-to-break-ground-next-week

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