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  • Hannah Dobson and Austin Cilley Made Their Marks on Westerly

    Hannah Dobson and Austin Cilley Made Their Marks on Westerly

    Seniors Hannah Dobson and Austin Cilley just finished up their westerly basketball careers on the girls’ and boys’ team respectively. Both players will go down in the record books, but will also be remembered for the impact they had on their teammates. Each athlete prides themselves on being a part of the community and enjoying the family atmosphere felt in the hallways and on the court.

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  • Austin Cilley Breaks Career Points Record

    Austin Cilley Breaks Career Points Record

    Austin Cilley of Westerly High School broke the record for career points, a record that had stood for 61 years. The senior guard now has 1399 points and counting and averages about 25 points per game.

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  • Westerly Basketball Tri-Captains

    Westerly Basketball Tri-Captains

    The Westerly Bulldogs once held the distinction of having the most basketball titles in Rhode Island, but their quest for another trophy to put in their cabinet has been a difficult one over the past few years. However, things are looking up this year as the Bulldogs have assembled a team that they think can win it all. Reporter Dan Nettell explores the history of the institution and talks to Westerly Captains Austin Cilley, Michael-Thomas Sciro, and Robert Nardone about […]

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  • Top Basketball picks for New Year’s weekend

    With a new year, everyone looks forward to a fresh start from whatever ailed us at the conclusion of the year just gone by. Everyone, that is, except for the student athletes that have resumed their basketball schedules and careers this week. With that in mind, there are some great matchups people should keep an eye on both tonight and this weekend. 1. Toll Gate (4-0, 5-2) at Prout (4-0, 6-0) Friday night at 7 PM. Both teams are leading […]

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